Welcome to today's special shuttle today I'm going to tantalize your taste chicken casserole recipes with three ingredients chicken spinach and mushrooms and what are we going to make out of it we are going to do a nice cheesy chicken casserole so let's get cooking while my pan is heating up let me just take up mushroom which is one of the mail engine of this castle and just slice it nice and chunky once my pan is hot I'll get in some olive oil a plain olive oil should do there's no need for extra virgin because we are literally cooking in it and then butter once this is in time to throw in some garlic with that some chopped onion and again you don't really need to be very fine with it once all this is in let's give it a quick stir so some sprigs of thyme once the hogs are in and here I have got some bits of shredded boneless chicken just look at the size again they are not very finely chopped but they are not very you chunks as well so a lot of chicken here now let's toss it up once my chicken is cooked almost what I will do is I will put in this mushrooms in the pan while all this is happening let me start with the sauce that I am going to use for my casserole which is basically a very similar sauce to a white or a bechamel sauce well again add some butter to this normally for bechamel sauce if you're making a riot bechamel its equal quantities of butter and flour and ten times the quantity of milk which means if you are using let's say hundred grams of butter then you need to do 100 grams of the flour all-purpose flour and 1 liter of milk since I am making one portion of the casserole and you will slightly less butters melting here chickens halfway through once the chicken looks almost cooked here I am just putting in my chunky bits of mushroom then with the spinach leaves just spread them the nice chunky spinach yolk so once mushrooms and chicken are tossed through let me put in some salt some salt in here now black pepper once I can see the mushrooms on the chicken are done through I put in my spinach just look at it nice blend of spinach mushroom and chicken oh just enough to tantalize your taste buds once the butter is cooked time to put in some all-purpose flour and whisk it out and let it cook through through the butter so this is how you want it nicely cooked flat through the bottom you should not get a rot pace once that is done time to put in some milk so with the milk also if you want you can season it with some onion clubs and bay leaves which is called a Kluth but if you want it plain good enough and now let it cook through so let it come to a boil the minute the sauce comes to a boil it will start thickening but this is almost done through let this come here so once you have the sauce at your disposal keep on whisking it thoroughly we've got flour so there are chances that if you leave it it might stick to the pan and this is a very very basic white sauce or a bechamel sauce that I have made and for the final tangy flavor into this I'm just putting in a chopped lance tomato with the skin removed this is just to give a slight tang to my casserole once again chunky into this so once all my veggies chicken is there and my sauce is cooked this sauce back through the chicken stirring through so whatever is left now has to happen in the oven the chicken is almost cooked once up here put of the pan time again for some cracked pepper just a hint of mustard sauce one chili going through to this I'm going to add some cream and just one egg just some grated nutmeg to this all through this now mix it through put some grated cheese into this so we're almost ready I've got my casserole dish lovely I just throw in few raisin strips on top let's chop it nice bezel on top along with some bits of tomatoes once again sprinkle it all over typical home style the way you would love it no hangups with the cheese so just seven to eight minutes in a hot oven preheated oven at around 170 to 180 degrees and that's a grill here a lovely big chicken casserole so into a preheated oven lovely isn't it looking gorgeous I just can't resist myself to have a go at it and so soft inside just look at that this is just heavenly yummy easy to make so guys try this yourself and for more such lovely chicken casserole recipes.

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