Today I am delivering I'm going to show you a beautiful chicken breast recipes so simple to prepare only about five minutes of prep work and it is absolutely sensational let's try my winner winner slow cooked chicken dinner on the one part chef first things first we're going to make our seasoned marinade mix into a small jug I have got a quarter of a cup of olive oil this is just normal everyday olive oil nothing expensive or fancy and to that we're going to add in a third of a cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice that's real lemon juice out of lemons not out of a bottle and to that I'm going to add in a teaspoon of oregano or oregano depending on where you come from in the world I'm just using dried today but you can use fresh if you wish a teaspoon of onion powder this is just dried ground-up onions two cloves of crushed garlic about two teaspoons worth a teaspoon of salt and a little freshly cracked black pepper and you just need to give that a quick stir together and that is ready to use so we're ready to start filling the slow cooker into the slow cooker in the middle I've got about one kilo or about two pounds of chicken breasts boneless skinless and any excess fat trimmed off to that I'm going to add in some potatoes these are just some little red potatoes they've just been quartered up there's about 600 grams they were about a pound and I'm also adding in a small amount of carrots these are just little Dutch carrots or baby carrots I've just trimmed and peeled the baby carrots so all that's left to do is pour the marinade mixture over everything starting with the chicken and then over the potatoes and the carrots just make sure it's all over everything they're beautiful all that's left to do now is to put the lid on and switch this baby on if you're using the high setting it'll be four hours if you're putting it on the low setting it'll be eight hours make sure you don't take the lid off while it's cooking because we want as much of that steam in there as possible to make sure those vegetables and the chicken are cooked properly times up I've taken the lid off and switched off the pot and what amazing smell you can really smell the herbs and the garlic in there it's absolutely gorgeous the vegetables are beautifully cooked the chicken is tender and moist and juicy we are ready to serve straight out of a pot I've got a bit of the chicken a potato and a carrot there so I can try them right away now the chicken is beautiful moist there it's almost like poached chicken I cannot wait to try this hmm all of those darling hmm potato time mmm soft and full of flavor really taste the garlic YUM mmm and of course one of the baby carrots hmm oh that's gorgeous mmm mmm slightly crisp lovely sweetness it's really absorbed all those beautiful flavors absolutely stunning a perfect dinner so simple to prepare and really so very little effort involved in this anyone can do this well I hope you enjoyed this recipe check me out on social media or on Facebook Twitter and Instagram links in the video description underneath this video on YouTube and of course my website one-pot chef show calm and until next time see you later this recipe is infinitely variable you can change the herbs and spices into it and make it whatever flavor you like change up the veggies you don't have to use potatoes and carrots you can easily use pretty much any vegetable you could use green beans you could use broccoli you could use cauliflower you can do a combination of different vegetables whatever you like whatever your favorites are just chuck them in and trust me you will love this chicken breast recipes.

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