All about healthy chicken skillets all three of these easy chicken recipes can be made in a single pan and that is what I am all about here maximum flavor minimum average am i right we're kicking things off with a really flavorful lemon pepper chicken and rice skillet in this recipe I'm actually going to be using some boneless skinless chicken breasts to keep it on the lighter side but you can really use any cut of chicken you wanted to it's really versatile. 

  I'm getting started with my skillet heating up over medium-high on my stove to that I'm going to add a good drizzle of oil next I'm going to season my chicken breasts now you have two options here you can either use a lemon pepper seasoning that you can find in the spice aisle of your grocery store or you can make your own simply by combining some lemon zest a little garlic powder.

  Some salt and some pepper the secret here is just to go really really liberally with your spice because you want to make sure not only does it season the chicken itself but then it's going to infuse in the rice as well once your chicken is really well seasoned and your oil is nice and hot.

  It is time to get these into the pan chopped side down to start now that we've got our chicken upside down we're gonna season the other side because of course what happens on one side must tap it on the other and then we wait the reason we wait is because if you try to flip your chicken too early you will end up shredding it and that is bad news this is not what we're going for the sign that your chicken is actually ready to flip is when it releases really easily from the pan.

 So keep an eye out for that we're going to cook the other side for between two and three minutes until it's nice and golden and then we're going to remove our chicken from the pan and set it aside on a plate while we get to work on frying up some onions we're going to cook it for two or three minutes or until it starts to soften and then we're going to add a few cloves of minced garlic garlic lemon pepper you see where I'm going with this so good things happen.

 We're gonna get that nice and fragrant about 20 seconds or so to be plenty and then we are going to add our rice into the pan we're gonna toast up our rice in these beautiful flavors and then we are going to add our chicken broth you could do this with water but the flavor you get from the chicken broth it's always worthwhile of course this is a great time to season it with some salt and pepper and whatever.

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