Easy chicken recipes for dinner

All about healthy chicken skillets all three of these easy chicken recipes can be made in a single pan and that is what I am all about here maximum flavor minimum average am i right we're kicking things off with a really flavorful lemon pepper chicken and rice skillet in this recipe I'm actually going to be using some boneless skinless chicken breasts to keep it on the lighter side but you can really use any cut of chicken you wanted to it's really versatile. 

  I'm getting started with my skillet heating up over medium-high on my stove to that I'm going to add a good drizzle of oil next I'm going to season my chicken breasts now you have two options here you can either use a lemon pepper seasoning that you can find in the spice aisle of your grocery store or you can make your own simply by combining some lemon zest a little garlic powder.

  Some salt and some pepper the secret here is just to go really really liberally with your spice because you want to make sure not only does it season the chicken itself but then it's going to infuse in the rice as well once your chicken is really well seasoned and your oil is nice and hot.

  It is time to get these into the pan chopped side down to start now that we've got our chicken upside down we're gonna season the other side because of course what happens on one side must tap it on the other and then we wait the reason we wait is because if you try to flip your chicken too early you will end up shredding it and that is bad news this is not what we're going for the sign that your chicken is actually ready to flip is when it releases really easily from the pan.

 So keep an eye out for that we're going to cook the other side for between two and three minutes until it's nice and golden and then we're going to remove our chicken from the pan and set it aside on a plate while we get to work on frying up some onions we're going to cook it for two or three minutes or until it starts to soften and then we're going to add a few cloves of minced garlic garlic lemon pepper you see where I'm going with this so good things happen.

 We're gonna get that nice and fragrant about 20 seconds or so to be plenty and then we are going to add our rice into the pan we're gonna toast up our rice in these beautiful flavors and then we are going to add our chicken broth you could do this with water but the flavor you get from the chicken broth it's always worthwhile of course this is a great time to season it with some salt and pepper and whatever.

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Crock pot recipes pork

All right we're going to do a curved pop or crust or Oriya in the crock pot this is one of my favorite crock pot recipes it's a rival crock pot it's old it's got all kinds of stains on it from where this is balsamic vinegar here but this is an old crock pot I need to get another one it's been a good one but anyways I've got olive oil inside of the crock pot that's what I put in the bottom I've already turned it on low.

 I washed my pork roast this is a Boston butt and you can use shoulder you can use pork loin but I just prefer Boston but when I'm making a crock pot or any type of pork roast so we're going to put this let's solve this I like mine really good and salted it's better to use sea salt if you can try not to get any rice.

 Alma pepper Ryder here place it inside let me wash my hands get this gunk off my all right right here we have some time and you can put time in New England clam chowder any type of soup or anything like that just to give it an extra little herb taste here's some bay leaves and a lot of folks will use that in their pastas as well and there's some rosemary and we grow out in our yard I grow thyme and rosemary I'm no bay leaves but I do have time and rosemary in the garden.

 I'm going to put a little garlic powder the system McCormick garlic powder just sprinkle that on there and this here is about a cup of balsamic vinegar of course this is an herb pork roast usually I use apple cider vinegar if I want that southern.

 Tang to a pork roast but we're going to pour this on top and since it's a smaller pork roast not gonna put the whole cup in there and here's your time you just put the sprigs in there with it and and here's your rosemary let's just cut all that in there and the bay leaves just let it all its gonna simmer and kind of cook all together.

 Anyway this is our honey out of our garden put about 1/4 of a cup I'm not going to measure it of honey but this is our bees we actually have our own bees and I'm gonna put just a little bit more honey there we go it might be a little more than 1/4 you let that cook on low for 6 to 8 hours.

 we'll get back with you here is the pork roast and I want you to know it's outstanding is super tender and the either bottle but you have to show me eating it but no ma'am that is mighty excellent the Konya to be a great job um Wow it cooks seven to eight hours not what I thought would have thought we've tasted like with all the balsamic vinaigrette but it's somehow it has very much tenderized that it's calcium.

 I've never made a roast with balsamic on it before I'm surprised it did like that but it's really really tender where did you find the recipe on Pinterest or something yeah it was online I usually don't do that though I don't put balsamic vinegar it is outstanding pork roast I'm going to have some of that and cheers everyone my wife has done a freak attack my wife is the awesome job. 

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Chicken thigh recipes oven

Hi it's Heather here at Lake Geneva country meats and today I'm going to show you a chicken thigh recipes and what I'm going to make is a baked chicken teriyaki so what I have over here is our chicken thighs on a sheet pan with a little bit of cooking spray just so that they don't stick and then I have our sauce that's going to go on top of it and I just have it boiling you're going to put it in a saucepan but what I have is cornstarch some cold water mixed together and then I put a half a cup of white sugar a half a cup of soy sauce a quarter cup of cider vinegar minced garlic ginger flat and black pepper.

 So I'm just bringing this to a boil like I have here once you've brought it to a boil we're just going to take it off the heat set our spoon off to the side and we are going to just brush this on top of your chicken thighs it'll be nice and thick when you brush it on you're only going to want to brush the one side because we're going to let this bake for 20 minutes and then we're going to flip it over to the other side and we're going to coat the other side and let that bake for 20 minutes.

 So once you have it brushed on nice and thick then we are going to just take our pan and place this in the oven its preheated at 425 degrees we're just going to let that go for 20 minutes and then we'll come back and check on it all right so we've had our big teriyaki chicken in the oven for 20 minutes now we're just going to take it out of the oven and we're going to coat the other side they smell so good and we're just gonna flip them over and we're just going to put our coating.

 On the other side so you're just going to pour it on top and then we're going to take him we're gonna place this in the oven and we're going to cook it for another 20 minutes all right so I've taken our teriyaki chicken out of the oven and I just placed it on a plate and I was starting to make like the appetizers and so what I did was.

 I just cut it away from the bone it can be a little bit hard but you're just going to carve away from the bone and you're going to take pieces off of it and then just kind of put them on a toothpick the skin might pull away but that's because it's just falling off the bone you're just going to place that with it put a toothpick through it and then you can serve them for appetizers or you can serve it as a main course for your dinner so stop on in at Lake Geneva country meats and pick up these items and enjoy this chicken thigh recipes at home.

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Chicken salad recipe tasty

I love my lovely food today I'll be showing you how to prepare healthy chicken salad recipe this is a food and refreshing salad to prepare at home and this is not only filling and healthy but at the same time it's tasty also with the combination of tender chicken vegetables' perfect dressing and with some herbs in there this is great for lunch or even for suppers and this satisfies your taste buds with all the nutrition in time so over to my kitchen to see what you eat for this first I am going to marinate the chicken breasts with some salt pepper ginger garlic little olive oil vinegar right time if you want you can also use fresh thyme available and the red chili flakes and let it marinate and put on all the sides evenly I am going to spread out the marinade evenly on the chicken breast properly with the help of my hands and let it rest for around 15 to 20 minutes while the chicken is resting we can start preparing out a dressing so for this in a large bowl add the mayonnaise here I am using the light mayonnaise along with the yogurt you can use any yogurt Here I am using the thick yogurt you can also use Greek style yogurt the combination of both really gives a nice and creamy texture to the salad next and the lime juice olive oil mustard sauce Worcestershire sauce and the fresh cilantro and mix everything well also mix a well in salt over your and again mace to make a thick yet flowing consistency marinade now put this into the fridge to chill in a different Bowl I am going to mix in the onions lettuce and the tomatoes you can use any other vegetable of your choice over you and keep it aside now heat some olive oil in a non-stick pan or on a griddle and place the chicken breasts onto it and let it cook on each side for two to three minutes and then flip it over on to the other side and check if it is done or cooked by poking the tip of a sharp knife onto the thickest part of the chicken there should be no sign of pinkness and the juices should run clear and when it is done and gets put golden brown colour on top on both the sides remove it on to a plate and let it cool down a bit and then I am going to cut it into strips this way and keep it aside now comes the assembling part mix in the vegetables and the chicken strips into the dressing and give it a good mix to coat on all the sides you can also check for some salt over you also add in the celery next I am going to add the walnuts and the almonds over here next add the croutons and mix well lastly I am going to add the Parmesan cheese and again mix well now this healthy and beautiful chicken salad is ready to plate so my juicy and crunchy salad is ready as you can see with all the perfect flavors with the crunch of lettuce we have used and a perfect combination of tender chicken pieces which we have put over here I've cooked the chicken fours but if you want you can use any other leftover chicken you can use any other meat or you can also use any other season of your choice and if you want and if you are a vegetarian then you can also use some bell peppers and mushrooms that also goes very great with this chicken salad recipe.

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Chicken casserole recipes for dinner

Welcome to today's special shuttle today I'm going to tantalize your taste chicken casserole recipes with three ingredients chicken spinach and mushrooms and what are we going to make out of it we are going to do a nice cheesy chicken casserole so let's get cooking while my pan is heating up let me just take up mushroom which is one of the mail engine of this castle and just slice it nice and chunky once my pan is hot I'll get in some olive oil a plain olive oil should do there's no need for extra virgin because we are literally cooking in it and then butter once this is in time to throw in some garlic with that some chopped onion and again you don't really need to be very fine with it once all this is in let's give it a quick stir so some sprigs of thyme once the hogs are in and here I have got some bits of shredded boneless chicken just look at the size again they are not very finely chopped but they are not very you chunks as well so a lot of chicken here now let's toss it up once my chicken is cooked almost what I will do is I will put in this mushrooms in the pan while all this is happening let me start with the sauce that I am going to use for my casserole which is basically a very similar sauce to a white or a bechamel sauce well again add some butter to this normally for bechamel sauce if you're making a riot bechamel its equal quantities of butter and flour and ten times the quantity of milk which means if you are using let's say hundred grams of butter then you need to do 100 grams of the flour all-purpose flour and 1 liter of milk since I am making one portion of the casserole and you will slightly less butters melting here chickens halfway through once the chicken looks almost cooked here I am just putting in my chunky bits of mushroom then with the spinach leaves just spread them the nice chunky spinach yolk so once mushrooms and chicken are tossed through let me put in some salt some salt in here now black pepper once I can see the mushrooms on the chicken are done through I put in my spinach just look at it nice blend of spinach mushroom and chicken oh just enough to tantalize your taste buds once the butter is cooked time to put in some all-purpose flour and whisk it out and let it cook through through the butter so this is how you want it nicely cooked flat through the bottom you should not get a rot pace once that is done time to put in some milk so with the milk also if you want you can season it with some onion clubs and bay leaves which is called a Kluth but if you want it plain good enough and now let it cook through so let it come to a boil the minute the sauce comes to a boil it will start thickening but this is almost done through let this come here so once you have the sauce at your disposal keep on whisking it thoroughly we've got flour so there are chances that if you leave it it might stick to the pan and this is a very very basic white sauce or a bechamel sauce that I have made and for the final tangy flavor into this I'm just putting in a chopped lance tomato with the skin removed this is just to give a slight tang to my casserole once again chunky into this so once all my veggies chicken is there and my sauce is cooked this sauce back through the chicken stirring through so whatever is left now has to happen in the oven the chicken is almost cooked once up here put of the pan time again for some cracked pepper just a hint of mustard sauce one chili going through to this I'm going to add some cream and just one egg just some grated nutmeg to this all through this now mix it through put some grated cheese into this so we're almost ready I've got my casserole dish lovely I just throw in few raisin strips on top let's chop it nice bezel on top along with some bits of tomatoes once again sprinkle it all over typical home style the way you would love it no hangups with the cheese so just seven to eight minutes in a hot oven preheated oven at around 170 to 180 degrees and that's a grill here a lovely big chicken casserole so into a preheated oven lovely isn't it looking gorgeous I just can't resist myself to have a go at it and so soft inside just look at that this is just heavenly yummy easy to make so guys try this yourself and for more such lovely chicken casserole recipes.

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Chicken breast recipes slow cooker

Today I am delivering I'm going to show you a beautiful chicken breast recipes so simple to prepare only about five minutes of prep work and it is absolutely sensational let's try my winner winner slow cooked chicken dinner on the one part chef first things first we're going to make our seasoned marinade mix into a small jug I have got a quarter of a cup of olive oil this is just normal everyday olive oil nothing expensive or fancy and to that we're going to add in a third of a cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice that's real lemon juice out of lemons not out of a bottle and to that I'm going to add in a teaspoon of oregano or oregano depending on where you come from in the world I'm just using dried today but you can use fresh if you wish a teaspoon of onion powder this is just dried ground-up onions two cloves of crushed garlic about two teaspoons worth a teaspoon of salt and a little freshly cracked black pepper and you just need to give that a quick stir together and that is ready to use so we're ready to start filling the slow cooker into the slow cooker in the middle I've got about one kilo or about two pounds of chicken breasts boneless skinless and any excess fat trimmed off to that I'm going to add in some potatoes these are just some little red potatoes they've just been quartered up there's about 600 grams they were about a pound and I'm also adding in a small amount of carrots these are just little Dutch carrots or baby carrots I've just trimmed and peeled the baby carrots so all that's left to do is pour the marinade mixture over everything starting with the chicken and then over the potatoes and the carrots just make sure it's all over everything they're beautiful all that's left to do now is to put the lid on and switch this baby on if you're using the high setting it'll be four hours if you're putting it on the low setting it'll be eight hours make sure you don't take the lid off while it's cooking because we want as much of that steam in there as possible to make sure those vegetables and the chicken are cooked properly times up I've taken the lid off and switched off the pot and what amazing smell you can really smell the herbs and the garlic in there it's absolutely gorgeous the vegetables are beautifully cooked the chicken is tender and moist and juicy we are ready to serve straight out of a pot I've got a bit of the chicken a potato and a carrot there so I can try them right away now the chicken is beautiful moist there it's almost like poached chicken I cannot wait to try this hmm all of those darling hmm potato time mmm soft and full of flavor really taste the garlic YUM mmm and of course one of the baby carrots hmm oh that's gorgeous mmm mmm slightly crisp lovely sweetness it's really absorbed all those beautiful flavors absolutely stunning a perfect dinner so simple to prepare and really so very little effort involved in this anyone can do this well I hope you enjoyed this recipe check me out on social media or on Facebook Twitter and Instagram links in the video description underneath this video on YouTube and of course my website one-pot chef show calm and until next time see you later this recipe is infinitely variable you can change the herbs and spices into it and make it whatever flavor you like change up the veggies you don't have to use potatoes and carrots you can easily use pretty much any vegetable you could use green beans you could use broccoli you could use cauliflower you can do a combination of different vegetables whatever you like whatever your favorites are just chuck them in and trust me you will love this chicken breast recipes.

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Chicken recipes oven

Hi everyone we're making up some spiced chicken recipes there are so many ways to roast a chicken but this method produces an incredibly flavorful and juicy bird if you're looking for something special for the weekend yet have to give this a try so let's get started let's begin by rinsing the chicken and patting it dry I always allow my chicken to sit at room temperature for about 30 minutes before I begin working with it now let's make the rub by combining the spices beginning with the garlic powder followed by the dried thyme pepper eita some cayenne pepper for a little bit of extra kick if you don't want it too spicy you can simply cut back a little on it kosher salt and some black pepper now remember I'm a pepper lover so I'm gonna put Lots in but it's totally your call now we're going to stir until everything is nicely combined and of course if you want to add some extra spices by all means go ahead next what I'm gonna do is drizzle some olive oil over top of the chicken you can substitute butter but as with many meats I prefer olive oil then I'm going to sprinkle the rub mixture over the top and rub it all over the chicken into every little nook and cranny and we're going to flip the chicken over and repeat this for the other side until it looks just about like this really nicely coated with the spices now we're going to stop the cavity with some sliced lemon some sliced onions one of my favorites some rosemary Springs now we'll tie the legs together with some cooking string this will help it big evenly and help keep everything inside the cavity also remember to tuck the wings under to avoid burning while roasting next place the chopped potatoes which have been cut into bite-sized bits into your preferred baking dish and if you want you can add sweet potatoes or any vegetable of your choice then season with some salt and pepper drizzle some olive oil over the top and mix until the potatoes are well coated [Music] next we'll push the potatoes to the side basically making a well in the center and place the chicken in breast side up now we're going to put the chicken into a 375 degree preheated oven for an hour and a half every time we do a chicken this is the way we do it and it comes so perfect and after an hour and a half we're going to remove the chicken and let it rest for 15 to 20 minutes before we start carving now that the chicken is rested we're going to carve it and look at that it's tender juicy and just beautiful and believe me this tastes every bit as good as it looks for more information on this recipe visit our website and remember you can always share your recipe with us until next time have a wonderful day and enjoy.

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